Thursday, November 6, 2008

Twilight Movie Premier Party!

Join us!! Notice we are not going to the midnight release at 12:01 Friday morning - reasons:
1. We are not crazy 14 year olds - in fact, we are somewhat middle aged - gasp!
2. It is on a school night
3. There is no way we could find babysitters

The red paper is on the back of the invites.


  1. "you suck" (pun intended) line is awesome. have fun. wish i could go too.

  2. You are not(!) "somewhat middle aged". But I understand the rest of your reasons. Have a great time! I have been meaning to read these books. I am currently reading my way through the Harry Potter collection again (for the millionth time) so that I can read the last book. Then I will pick up a new obsession.