Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Overload

It was insane - but lots of fun!

First, I wrapped up a bunch of eyeballs for Susan to take to her Opthalmology coworkers.

Then I wrapped up some of these for Max and Sophie to give to their teachers.

Then I walked over to school with the three little ones to volunteer for Sophie's Harvest Party. Sophie loved having her mom there and it is always fun to see all of her classmates in costume!

I was in charge of helping the kids make these.

I bribed the three little ones to sit quietly in the hall looking at books. They did a great job and loved watching the parade of all 950 kids!!! Sophie was the only purple butterfly. Max was not the only Annikan Skywalker.

This was my favorite game - pumpkin puzzles.

Max's class made these cool pumpkin frames with photos they took on the computer.

After the parties, we walked home - another sunny, warm day - hooray!

Once home, we picked up a platter of these and walked around the neighborhood handing them out to our friends.

Loved seeing this.

The kids loved this guy.

Everyone got ready for trick-or-treating and as soon as Dad arrived, they were off! Max wore his $3.00 garage sale costume, Calvin wore a Max hand-me-down and Sophie wore the butterfly outfit I bought her last year at a garage sale.

Calvin fell down right before this photo and was still sad. Eating candy 5 minutes later made him happy.

Did I mention that I love the rear view of Calvin's caterpillar costume? It waggles when he walks.

The kids did there usual route of walking around the block and returned with lots of candy - I ate all of the Milky Ways and the Hershey Bars . . . and the Twix.

Today, the kids each chose 10 pieces of candy to keep and we bagged up the rest and gave it to the bishop to add to his candy jar he keeps on his desk. No, the kids really do not complain about this - I think because I have done it every year and they know it is going to happen. Max was excited to get to keep 10 pieces. They ate a lot of candy on Halloween.

I am seriously, seriously on a diet.


  1. What a good idea to do with all the left-over candy. I always end up eating too much of it. :) Also, I'm sad that the kids didn't get to dress up in costume at their school here in AZ. They have a harvest/Fall party, but NO dressing up. How sad! I remember every year dressing up and my mom coming to the parade.

  2. What a really cool Halloween! But then, it is my favorite holiday of all!

  3. Amen to the overload! I love all of your energy. I also love the idea of giving the candy to the bishop. Brad is the bishop of our ward and I know where the stash is headed!

  4. i love that your school still does costume parades. the schools here in connecticut have to be all politically correct and do "fall celebrations" rather than halloween parties.

    i too am always in awe of your energy.