Monday, November 17, 2008

Cheap Entertainment

Here's what I did on Saturday night. Bryan was working and I had been running errands ALL day with all of the kids. On our way back to the house, I realized I had to stop and pick up food for the next day or I would have nothing to feed the missionaries. So we stopped at the new Cub Foods a mere 3.3 miles from my house. Prior to this weekend, the closest grocery store was 7 miles away making last minute trips for a forgotten ingredient completely impractical.

I had a point to this story.

The store was having their grand opening celebration which meant, brand new car grocery carts (Calvin's favorite thing ever), a roving magician (Max announced to the crowd that he was, in fact, a REAL magician), a balloon artist, free hot dogs, ketchup flavored chips (the kids unanimously rejected these), their first taste of Pepsi (it was free and I was weak), free cookies, sausage and cheese and helpful managers in every aisle who let me substitute the $3.50 unsalted butter for the 2/$4 salted butter in order to make a good impression on me.

The grocery store is my entertainment on a Saturday night. Don't judge.


  1. John and I have always (even when we didn't live together) gone to the grocery store on dates! I have no poor judgement toward you finding your entertainment at the grocery store.

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