Friday, October 31, 2008

Wacky Gorgeous Weather!

We had one of those rare beautiful, sunny unseasonably warm days yesterday. According to the weather channel, the high was 71!!!! They are forecasting low 50's for trick or treating tonight. Here in the frozen North, that means there will be kids out in shorts. I'm not breaking out the popsicles just yet, but we are walking over to school again today for the parade - with no coats!

The warm weather has brought out the orange ladybugs - they call them Japanese Beetles here. To me, Japanese beetles are those shiny bugs mom made us pick off the rose bushes and drown in a jar of water every summer in Vermont. The orange ladybugs are all over the house.

It was so warm that Sophie wore a garden in her hair to school.

Koo played outside with Calvin and his new toy she brought which is already broken and headed to the trash. Natalie, Johnny and Calvin spent hours outside in the sandbox with no coats!

We walked over to the school to pick up Max and Sophie - I carried the coats I sent them to school with that morning.

Max read on the walk home, but he does that every day.

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