Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cut off

I was writing the check for the basic cable bill the other night when it dawned on me that I could not remember the last time any of us had actually watched TV. When Bryan was unable to remember either, I decided it was time to cancel the cable. The guy at customer service seemed shocked as he exclaimed "What are you gonna do?! Use bunny ears?!"

We do use the DVD (we are on our fourth thanks to Calvin) and even the VCR. The kids love movies and Bryan and I have been enjoying laughing our way through Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Netflicks late at night. But TV, an actual show as it is aired - we never seem to have the time.

I can give up our 10 year old TV without a thought, but try and take away my computer . . .


  1. I made the pumpkin cookies and they are amazing! Definitely a recipe I am going to keep and make every year. It's in my top ten. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We recently got cable. Seeing as how we went without it for over 5 years we did use "bunny ears". Most of the time it worked out nicely but at other times it was really bad. But people do do it. The only reason we ended up getting cable was because Johns cousin works for the cable company so we got a really good deal, and we needed to do something before the "digital switch" come February 17th 2009. We didn't want to have to buy boxes for all of our TV's so this worked for us. Good for you guys though not being couch potatoes!

  3. We never had cable all growing up. And Isaac and I just bought basic cable (which gives us about 2 more channels) after we moved last year because the bunny ears didn't help in this place, we had no reception. It never bothered us. Everyone else always made a big deal about how could we possibly live without cable, but it's really not a hardship. Good for you!
    We're going through the same thing with our home phone bill, we have free long distance but seriously never use our home phone for anything. We're cutting down to the basics.

  4. we just do the basic cable (although i would love DVR to zip through my amazing race commercials, and i do pine for the closer on TNT, but i just wait for the DVDs). in general, i don't miss out on a thing. have to say i'm a huge buffy fan too. i don't think i ever watched beyond when angel left the show (although i did tune in for the series finale a couple of years ago).