Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Funniest Thing That Happened at the Zoo, part 1

There happens to be an enormous mother pig statue thingy at the zoo. We have seen it and played on it more times that I can count. This visit though, was special. Someone (say, Max) suggested they all pretend to be piglets and lo, they all became little nursing piglets.

We often get weird looks at the zoo.

I think they were pretty believable piglets. I'm not really going to think about how dirty those teats were - I'm just going to believe that no one actually put there mouths on the teat. Did you ever think I would use the word teat on my blog?

Comparison shot.

1 comment:

  1. no, i never expected to see you use the word "teat" on your blog. yes, it's best not to think what has touched those specific "teats". yes, i pretty much get lots of looks with my crowd of kids too (and that doesn't include any extra daycare kids). i love the girl whose effectively giving the mama pig a hickie by nursing its neck.

    p.s. i'm glad you did what all of us truly great parents do, which is take out the camera rather than stopping the kiddos.