Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crafty Girl - Girly Clips

Susan spent several hours last week trying to upload all 64,899 photos from my computer in order to print out photos of her kids. It was a LONG process, but ultimately helpful as I discovered a bunch of duplicates which I deleted giving me more room on my computer.

I wanted to chat with her while she was working, so I pulled out some flowers, my jar of antique buttons, ribbon and a hot glue gun and went to town making hair clips for Sophie.

Everyone and their dog seems to have these HUGE flowers lately. I bought a bunch at Joann's on sale for $2.50 and made 6 clips out of them.

Natalie wanted her mom to model her clip. Hot.

Here are the results. I love the funky buttons combined with paper flowers or jewels. Sophie is of course, thrilled.

She even gave one to me. I may wear it to church on Sunday.


  1. Those hair clips are so cute. Would it be safe to say that Shopie is a 'girly-girl'? I'd say she is adorable!

  2. Sophie is definitely a girly girl, with a bit of tom-boy thrown in!