Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Marathon Man!!

Bryan ran the Twin Cities Marathon for the second time on Sunday. This year instead of being 85 degrees at race start, it was in the 40's.

Here we are dropping him off at 7:30am for the start of the race.

And this is a cool looking building behind where I dropped him off.

At this point the kids and I drove over to Lake Harriet with our awesome signs to wait at the 7 mile mark to cheer on our marathon man. It was raining by the time we arrived. After an hour, the rain was coming down in a steady pour and all three of my kids were in tears. The signs were all limp and soggy and little fingers were frozen and I seriously could not blink fast enough to keep the water out of my eyes. Max kept whining "I want to diiiiiiiieeeeeee . . . I'm so cooooooollldddd!!!" But, we stuck it out (i.e. I would not let them get back in the car until we saw Bryan) and were able to give Bryan some kisses when he came by.

Then, I took them to Target where I made them stand under the dryers in the bathrooms to try and dry off a bit. The traffic during the marathon is a nightmare and we spent over two hours trying to get to the finish line - I was annoyed and wet.

A nice lady offered to take our family photo after the race.

And here he is - finishing time: 4 hours 15 minutes. That's 1 hour and 15 minutes faster than last year! Go Bryan!

Bryan was freezing after the race and all of the racers were given these cool warming blankets which Sophie thought was the greatest toy ever.

After a bit, we took the kids over to the hospitality tent for some free food and then we headed home so Bryan could take a hot shower and go to bed. He is having a hard time getting up and down the stairs! His goal for next year is 3:30.

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  1. ok, LOVE the family pic!! you are so loyal and true for being willing to stick that out, in the rain with kids. way to go, stace!! and congrats to bryan. i'm actually running the hartford HALF marathon this saturday. i'm thinking of running a marathon next fall if i could just get soem of this weight off of me.