Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crafty Girl - Card Class

I feel like I accomplished something yesterday - Molly, don't look!


  1. ok, when i first saw the little pic of my live feed from your blog, i thought: "oh my goodness, is she done with her christmas cards already?" thanks for not outshining me too much.

    i did see those silhouette cookies this morning. they are amazing. i even have considered driving down for the 5k, but i lack the money and time. maybe one will be staged in the northeast. i did love cjane's post this morning about claire's loss of her mom's comraderie for the present and whispering in claire's ear that night. what a heartbreaker; yet so moving.

  2. No, not my Christmas cards - I have not even started those!
    Courtney's post about Claire made me cry - again. Beautiful family.