Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanks for the Year!

With Thanksgiving mere days away; I thought it might be appropriate to re-visit last Thanksgiving since I was not blogging at that point and I have nothing better to do (i.e. I am avoiding the laundry).

Here's what the kids looked like. I have to say - not a huge change over the last year!

We had two guests, Koo and her roommate Jill.
We stayed in our pajamas the entire day.
We played a lot of games.

The kids licked a lot of bowls.

Koo carried Calvin around in a plastic bin. Not sure why since he obviously did not like it!

We made enough food for an army. We always do.

Last year we tried a new roasted cauliflower dish (in the front up there on the left). It was good - I remember it had nuts in it, but it was not good enough to come back again this year. Also, I think it called for a whole stick of butter.

We made a lot of roasted root vegetables. I love roasted root vegetables. However, they have been deemed "too commonplace" to earn a spot on this years table.

These are mom's rolls - yum. We make them every year, but I have to admit I have another favorite that I make every year as well. Martha's sweet potato rolls with cardamom. Heaven! Hmmm, I cannot seem to find the recipe on-line and I am too lazy to type it up.

Calvin was very laid back while he ate.

Just look at those cute boys!

OK, look at them again!
This year we are having Koo and a friend of hers and we are having dessert with the Quick family. I am planning on making 2 pumpkin pies (MUST have enough for breakfast the next morning), one cranberry tart and a lemon meringue pie. Koo is making a cheesecake and another pie so we should be covered in the dessert department!

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  1. Could you send me that sweet potato roll recipe? It sounds delicious!
    And I'll ask my friend for her cake recipe for you.