Friday, November 2, 2007

Harried Halloween

Halloween was - well, crazy. Let's go through the day, shall we?
Here are all the kids before I load them into the car for the day. It was very windy and a bit chilly. Yes, Calvin is wearing Max's costume from last year and it is rolled up at his waist many times. You'll have to excuse my photos from this day. I left my camera on the video setting for most of the day and ended up with a lot of blurry shots.

9:10 Mom drops of Max and Sophie at school with their costumes.
9:15-10:15 Mom fills the car with gas, gets and oil changed and tries to weigh in at Weight Watchers - they are closed.
10:15 - Run to the school for Sophie's Harvest Party. Here are the kids watching the harvest party from outside the room. They did pretty well. We watched a parade and listened to a couple of harvest stories.
oops, boredom has set in and they decide to play peek-a-boo in the corner.
Here's Sophie's cute little kindergarten class
See the cute little boy on the right? That is Jonathon (you'll remember from a previous post that Sophie is planning on marrying him). I felt it only appropriate to go up and introduce myself to Jonathan's mother, seeing as we are going to be related and all. Strangely, she seemed to know nothing of their betrothal.

10:50 Load the kids back into the car and drive over to the Halloween Party with our playgroup.
Here are some of the kids outside in the cold wind and other photos of friends at playgroup.

Aren't these the cutest little snacks? Mercedes did a wonderful job with the party!

11:50 Load kids into the car again and drive to the community center for the preschool parade. They had some local senior citizens in chairs in one of the rooms and the kids went around trick-or-treating to them. It was very sweet and everyone seemed to love the event. Johnny could not believe people were handing him candy right and left and kept trying to put each piece in his mouth.

Here we are at the community center after the parade.

12:30 Load kids back into the car. Try and weigh in a Weight Watchers. They are still closed. Drive to Jillian's house and pick up Sophie from her play date. Drive home, run inside for a quick potty break and print off numbers for exterminators to call while running about (we have mice in the house - again). Drive to school to attend Max's Harvest Party and the school parade.
Here are the kids waiting out in the hall - again.
Max was an astronaut and was not pleased as he had told all of his friends that he was going to be a fisherman! (He ripped the fisherman pants and I don't sew) I had signed up to help with the party, so while the kids looked at books in the hall, I helped his class make safety pin bats!

Here is Max's 2nd grade class:

3:00 Load kids into the car. Drive home. Put Johnny down for a much needed nap. Try and convince Calvin to take a nap. He refuses. One hour later find Calvin asleep on the couch. Start making dinner/get ready for trick or treating.
5:15 Kelly and Ken and kids arrive. Eat. Get kids into costumes. Try and wake up Calvin. No one can wake up Calvin.
Take photos of the kids before we head out.

Sophie's mask kept falling off. This upset her.
I put Calvin in the stroller where he was sad for about three houses. By then he had eaten a bag of m&m's and figured out what was going on around him. After that, he was on his feet RUNNING from house to house screaming trick-or-treat at the top of his lungs! After every house he would marvel "I got a treat!" He was a riot and kept up with Sophie and Max as we made our way around the block. We did have one mishap where we lost Calvin for a bit and Luke tipped over the stroller with baby Evelyn in it, but there were no casualties so I consider the evening a success!

When we got back, Bryan was home handing out the candy with Ken. Max wanted to go to a couple of his girlfriends houses so Bryan took Sophie and Max out for a little while longer while Calvin and I ate candy. IT WAS A PRETTY EXHAUSTING DAY!

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