Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Could they cater my life?

After visiting the Swedish Institute, we realized that Jasmine deli was mere blocks away so naturally we had to go. I had been once before with the children when Calvin was a baby but neither Max nor Sophie would eat anything on the menu. This time however, we had a major breakthrough! All three of my children ate green leafy things and LOVED them!!! (well, ok, Max mostly ate noodles, but Sophie had a spring roll!) Sophie and Max shared a bowl of the chicken rice noodle soup (YUM) and Calvin had one of the Vietnamese sandwiches.

This is my noodle salad - mouth watering now.

As if our food were not entertainment enough, a customer had a seizure and passed out by the register while we were eating (don't worry, he seemed fine within minutes and was talking coherently). There was a nurse in the restaurant who called an ambulance so the kids were treated to both a fire engine and numerous firefighters and an ambulance and several EMTs and a police car and policeman! No wonder health care costs are so high - eight separate professionals responded to this incident!

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  1. That's crazy! A friend of mine whose husband is a dentist said that a patient of his called 911 and got an ambulance to bring her to the ED because her wire was bothering her gums. Never mind using the wax. When asked why she didn't have a cab come get her or her mother drive her, she said because the ambulance was free!!!! How many thousands did that cost tax payers?!
    The Jasmine Deli sounds delicious. Hole in the wall places are the best. We have this Mexican hole in the wall called Paola's that is fabulous. I'm seeing lots of things on your blog that we'll have to try whenever we finally make it out for a visit.