Friday, November 30, 2007

So very, very behind . . .

The day after Thanksgiving our Relief Society had a service project at a local womens shelter. We made brunch for all of the residents. Here are the muffins I made - coconut banana. I do not normally approve of coconut in my food (it's a texture thing), but these were deeeeeelish! I think it helped that they have a completely irresponsible amount of butter in them. The recipe said it made 8 muffins, I made 12 with each batch.

I took Sophie with me to let her experience a service project as well. She was very excited and had a great time! Here she is helping to clean the kitchen before brunch.
Here is our group of fabulous ladies! Many other sisters dropped off food - we had a ton! Unfortunately, many of the residents had gone to family homes for the holidays, so we had very few people to serve. We left them some of the leftover, boxed up a bunch more and dropped them off at another shelter and even had enough for quiche and muffins for the missionaries!

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