Monday, November 26, 2007

Gratitude Crafts

Here are some photos of the kids and their Thanksgiving artwork. Sophie made this little number at school. I am taking photos of the kids artwork so I can throw them away without the guilt.

Here is another one from kindergarten. It says "I am thankful for . . . family, ballet class, setting the table, Red Pine Elementary, Junie B. Jones books, my princess handbook, hopscotch, everything!"

Here are Calvin and Sophie helping with our Thanksgiving meal by licking all of the bowls.

The kids sat down with dad to make little Thanksgiving pumpkins for our friends who came for dessert.

Calvin poured the candy into the pumpkins. He may have licked a few.

Max and Sophie made the tags and wrote the names on them.

Here are the finished products.

Here is Calvin's little preschool pumpkin.

We all made turkeys for the Thanksgiving table. We wrote things that we are grateful for on the feathers. Here is Max being attacked by his crazy turkey!

Yep, he's a riot.

Here is Sophie's turkey hat. I love the eyes the very best of all.

Look at that cute kid!

Inside it says "Dear Mom and Dad, I love you with all my heart! I wish Jillian was in my class with all my might! Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Sophie"

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  1. Those are cute pumpkins that your kids made! I hope your friends enjoyed them!!