Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm first! ME, ME, ME!!!

The weather has been strangely warm around here. When does all this strangely warm global warming weather just become normal? Every day at 12:02pm we walk down to the bus stop to meet Sophie. Actually, most of us walk. Calvin runs. Every day. He has this unquenchable desire to always be first, so he sprints ahead of us on the way there and on the way back. Unfortunately for me, he also seems to have no concept of the danger of darting into the road so we are a comical and yet annoying group as we journey to the bus stop. Calvin is running, I am yelling at him to slow down or stop while simultaneously dragging Johnny behind me at the top speed I can get out of his little legs. Often I have to dart ahead and grab Calvin because he is not listening. This is a little piece of my life that happens 5 days a week. Every week.

Here we are running home from the bus stop. See Calvin checking to make sure he has a sizable lead?
Let's take a closer look at this kid. Mismatched pajamas at 12:02pm, no socks, slippers and winter apparel. Where is his mother?!
Waiting for me at the door.

And just for fun, some ABC's! This was take 4 by the way and that's Johnny singing along in the background.

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