Friday, November 30, 2007

It's the ballet!

On the very same day after our service project, I took Sophie on a mommy-daughter date to see The Nutcracker ballet. We did not go to the professional version downtown as the tickets were outrageous - instead we went to the Lakeville City Ballet version just south-west of us. I must say they did a pretty good job! They had some great dancers and Sophie absolutely loved it! She decided that she wants to be one of the angels and Clara sometime. She also liked the "flexible" ones the best. It is quite a production - huge cast and really great costumes!

Here is our little group. Don't look too closely at this photo - I was not feeling very well and I was literally wearing lounge around pants and a sweater to the ballet.

Along a similar vein, this is a fashion no-no for most people. Only when you are 5 and in your first ballet class can you get away with a glaring four inches of patterned undies showing and have it be called "cute".


  1. Hey Stace,

    I found your blog through April's. You are still superwoman! You and your little family look adorable. I love stumbling on old friends' blogs. Enjoy the midwest, my in-laws live there and I love it.

    Elizabeth (April's roommate from the Glenwood)

  2. I can't wait for mommy-daughter dates to the ballet. And I hope to see some new dance moves by sophie!

  3. Hi Liza! Welcome to our blog! I am so glad to meet up with you again!

  4. lovely sexy panties, I want to gey her naked and eat ber p---y then have her jerk me off into the crotch of her sweet panties, I put them back on her pulled up real tight and now I know my cum will be rubbing against her lovely bald p---y all day

    1. I did that with my daughters, mmmmmmmmmmm daddy's lovely load rubbing their little bald cunnie all day