Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Heebie Jeebies

The mouse saga continues. We just got home from dance and Max discovered a mouse - ALIVE - wandering around in the family room! We had been warned that the poison set by the exterminators would make the mice very brazen, but I could not even go in there to look at the thing. The whole idea of a rodent in my house makes my hair stand on end.

As it was 6:00 Bryan was not home yet, I called my neighbor Paul and begged his immediate assistance. All of the kids watched the mouse wandering around with a sick sort of wonder and amazement until Paul came over at which time I sent them all upstairs so he could bonk the thing over it's head with a shovel and take it away. Thank heavens for neighbors who's husbands come home at a normal hour. The exterminators said all of the mice should be dead within two weeks of the poison being set out. I am counting down the days with eager anticipation.

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