Monday, November 12, 2007

I am an Addict

I know that the first step to recovery is admission, recognizing your addiction. I am a scrapbook supply addict. I cannot go into a scrapbook store or a craft store without leaving with new paper or eyelets or ribbon. And so, I am making a goal here and now. I will not buy any more products in 2007. I will try and do as many layouts and cards as I can without purchasing any new things. I am however, allowed to admire new scapbooking products and I will do so on this blog.

LOOK at this ingenious idea! I have a huge bin of ribbon spools all tangled together under my desk. This little wonder stores massive amounts of ribbon and it's portable! Even better, it is coming out in pink!
And these little lovelies from 7 Gypsies . . . I have a stamp like this that says "Observations" which I bought in Idaho this past summer and I love it! Look at this one - "Together Forever" - are these people LDS?!

And these little cards - you just fill them out, slap them on your page and voila! - your journaling is done! So clever!
OK, I'm going to stop now before I break down and place an online order! I am almost done (6 more to go!) with my Christmas cards! Yippee! I made 75 of them this year and I am going to have them done before Thanksgiving. That's quite a feat for me. Now I need to get a family photo taken and write a Christmas letter. But there is hope that the Christmas cards will go out before Christmas this year! Once they are done, I'll start posting my "no spend" layouts!


  1. So does this "no spending" period also include SHOES??

  2. Ummmm, no. This is restricted to scrapbooking supplies. I am not completely crazy!