Sunday, July 29, 2007

We're off to see the Wizard . . .

Saturday evening Susan and I took our eldest children to the community theatre production of The Wizard of Oz. As we walked up the the school some of the flying monkeys were calling down to us. Max, Sophie and I discussed how they got up there and we decided they must have flown.

This is the junior who played Dorothy - she was excellent and sounded just like Judy Garland when she spoke. (someone watched the movie much?) The production was truly amazing. There were over 100 munchkins in the most beautiful costumes. They had people flying all over the stage and even had pirotechnics! Community theatre here is the best I have ever seen. Last year, we saw Peter Pan with Laura Osnes who is opening on broadway this week as Sandy in Grease.

Max and Sophie were able to pet Toto after the show.

Sophie loved Glinda the very best though in my opinion, the wicked witch of the west stole the show!


  1. thanks for the comments, stace. i love your blog as well. i keep meaning to comment more, but inevitably a kid gets in the way. i must say reading your blog makes me wish we lived closer, especially when you talk about what you cook! i loved eating your food. you have to tell me how "lucky" was - i loved "the lovely bones."

    have a great trip out west.

  2. I really liked Lucky. She is very graphic and honest when she talks about what happened to her (the author was raped in college by a stranger) but it is very well written and interesting to read about the three years it took to go to trial. A lot happened in those three years with the realationships she had with friends and family as a direct result of the rape. It is a true story.