Monday, July 9, 2007

And we're off!

We left on Thursday morning (though not until about 8:30) for the long drive out to Michigan. We had decided to take the Northern route taking us through Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before crossing the bridge and driving down to the Detroit area to meet Bryan's family. Northern Wisconsin proved to be quite amusing as we drove through tiny town after tiny town, through a hail storm and past many, many signs advertising "bear bait".

Bryan and I played many a heated game of the "alphabet game" (we are both quite competitive and I am proud to say that I won every time!– Bryan told me that he did in fact win once when he played right after I fell asleep) and we listened to the Spiderwick Chronicles on tape with the kids. I think we drove on every County road in Wisconsin from A to Z. At times it felt like we were driving in circles! We had a truly terrible excuse for Mexican take-out in some forgettable town (Wabeno) and were very excited to cross the border into Michigan. However, Michigan seemed to have other plans. After driving about 9 miles into Michigan heading toward the freeway, the road we were on abruptly ended. No warning just ended!

Yep - the road seems to be CLOSED.

We had to backtrack the 9 miles and then try several other routes (all too small to be on the map) before finally connecting with Hwy 2.

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