Friday, July 27, 2007

Camp Invention

This week Max has been involved in a camp called Camp Invention. Today was the parents showcase and Max had the chance to show off his creations.

This is Max's ride that he made that is not a roller coaster. You go down the black ramp and down the cardboard (not seen) and then the cardboard flips you up.

This is Max's car he made in "Spills and Chills". They worked for The Dominion Toy Co. improving their skateboard because people were not buying it because people kept falling off. They used a "crash dummy" (water balloon) to test their new models. For the Tech Trech Motor Co. they made a car with an egg as their crash test dummy and sent the cars down a ramp!

This is a tranquilizer gun/idea beamer. It beams ideas into people's heads! This is an invention Max thought this would be useful for people who had had brain surgery and needed ideas beamed into them.

This is a rollar coaster Max made with his group. They learned about Newton's Laws of Motion and then used a marble to test their ride!

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