Friday, July 20, 2007

Lazy Summer Days

We actually had NOTHING on today. The calender was blank which is a rare occurrence around here. The weather is just gorgeous - sunny with a cool breeze so we packed up the car and headed to the beach down the road.

Watching the water during a quick lunch break.

Sophie did a great job today - she figured out how to do the front float!! She was very proud of herself and was even managing to do it without holding her nose!

Isn't this a pretty spot? The park is literally not 5 minutes from our house and this is one of 4 lakes within the park. There are also mountain biking trails, fishing, camping and canoe rentals at this spot.

Max just passed level two swimming class this week when he finally mastered the front and back floats. Today at the beach he was swimming under water and working on his crawl stroke! It is like he finally has overcome his fear of the water and a whole new world of things to learn have opened up for him!

The girls decided they were a little cold and needed to warm up for a bit.


  1. Please tell me...where is this wonderful lake. I live in the desert but am originally from Wisconsin. I was just yearning the other day for swimming in a lake again.

  2. It is Schultz Beach in Eagan, MN. It is part of the Lebanon Hills Park.

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