Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Bookshelves!!!!

I had to post my new bookshelves because they make me sooooo happy! We have a serious shortage of book storage at our home. One day I would love to own a home with a library!
The shelves match perfectly with our piano and just look gorgeous in our living room! I stayed up until 2am the night they arrived redecorating the living room and pulling out collections like my pewter candlesticks that have been sitting in a drawer for three years!


  1. hey they look great. Are they one of your terrific garage sale finds? you should enlarge some of your better pjotos and then hang them above the

  2. Hey there! They were a smashing deal through a very close friend here in MN. I am planning on putting four frames of 4 photos above the bench and a big mirror above the piano to reflect the light from the window opposite.