Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Long, Long Drive Home

Bryan drove us by the home where he grew in Berkley on out way out of town.

We left the Detroit area at about 9:00 on Sunday morning for the long drive back to the Twin Cities. We decided to go through through the Upper Peninsula again because we really wanted to see Tahquamenon Falls before we left the state. We also wanted to make sure we saw the Mackinac Bridge in daylight. We stopped in St. Ignace for food and some photos of another lighthouse before driving North to the falls.

I never got a good shot of the bridge so I pulled this one off of the web. The bridge is over 5 miles long! We grossly underestimated how long it was going to take us to reach the falls. We drove through beautiful forests and woods and along the coast of Lake Superior for a while. On Sunday we were able to see three of the great lakes in one day!
The drive was well worth the time as we reached the lower falls. Calvin had fallen asleep in the car and Bryan had to carry him for a while until we could get him to wake up and enjoy the view!


  1. you take great photos. your family is lovely.
    miriam case-isaac's mom

  2. stacey this a woonderful picture. you should enter it in a contest. mom