Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Weekend Cannot Come Soon Enough

The photos of this cute baby have nothing to do with this random post. I just thought they'd cheer you up. Babies do that.

I do not know why I am so anxious for this week to be over. I am so grateful tomorrow is Friday.

Here's my list of goals for the weekend:
  • Spend several hours on paperwork and filing in my room. Catch up and mail daycare forms. Pay the bills
  • Go to the bank, Sam's Club and the grocery store
  • Hang the photos and artwork on the walls that have been leaning on the stairs for the past month
  • Order black and white photos of my family for the family photo wall
  • Finally finish putting away the Christmas decor and store it in the rafters of the garage
  • Get the van back into the garage (did I mention I ran into a snow bank last week and cracked the front bumper? Who needs it?!)
  • Find the missing shovel . . . again
  • Buy new "hack the ice off a your driveway thingy" since mine broke last week. Hack ice off driveway
  • Research dental insurance costs and state dental care qualifications
  • Finish making and photographing the Valentine's Day jewelry and get it loaded into my etsy shop
  • Mail a package of crafts to Utah for my girlfriend to try and sell for me
  • Spend a couple of hours organizing the craft room/office which looks like a bomb went off in there
  • Clean my bathroom and frankly the rest of the house
  • Catch up on laundry, folding and sorting outgrown clothing
  • Make a concrete plan for spending time on my personal health. Figure out when I can fit regular exercise into this crazy schedule I have. Use Target gift certificate for Wii Fit.
  • Update links on blog
  • Plan sleepover for Sophie's belated birthday party
  • Take a nap
If you run into me this weekend, remind me to get my list done. I will feel so much better if I feel caught-up. Getting things accomplished always makes me feel better.
One more day.
I can do this.

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