Monday, May 18, 2009


Why is Calvin riding his hand me down girly bike with no helmet?

Why is he wearing no shoes?

Why did he choose to wear a ladybug headband instead of the helmet?

Why do little girls always have three inches of saggy panties hanging out of their leotards? And why is she riding a scooter in said leotard?

Why is this kid so darn cute?

So many questions, so little time!


  1. Why is the mommy chasing after the goofy kids in the street with a camera?

  2. I cannot resist snapping photos when I catch the kiddos acting like loons! It is very handy sometimes to own a cheap, ready to shoot camera!

  3. I'd give anything to stick my cock in your daughter she is amazingly beautiful!!

  4. pretty legs,like to cum in her.

  5. she shows her knickers like that because she knows guys like it