Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Preschool Picnic

On Friday, I took the kids to the preschool end of the year picnic at Blackhawk Park. This was a big milestone for our family as my last child has now finished preschool. All three of my kids attended at least a couple of semesters of preschool through the city's Park and Rec program, so we know the teachers pretty well. I can't say I am going to miss shuttling the kids back and forth three times a week, but I am going to miss the teachers and I know Calvin is going to miss the routine of preschool and all of the fun crafts and games.

Taking three kids through the potluck: 2 out of three dropped their hot dogs on the ground and managed to get ketchup smeared all down their shirts. Fun.

Natalie, Miss Sandy, Calvin the clown and Miss Kathy.

Calvin wrote cards for his teachers and chose initial scrabble tile necklaces for each of them.

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  1. I cannot believe that Calvin is finishing preschool and will be in kindergarten. He's supposed to be a baby still!!! He will do very well and have so much fun in school though. And you'll get a little more time to yourself! (maybe, sounds like you're still pretty busy with other kiddos).