Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's

All day and night on Friday I baked and frosted and washed and sewed and glued and created and organized and slept . . . about 2 hours. On Saturday morning I was off to Tiffany's Yard Sale to pander baked goods, scrabble-tile necklaces and new wool felt hair clips. Max came along to sell candy, water and cake pops.

It was FREEZING cold the entire day with a strong wind blowing everything around that was not held down with rocks. I wore a coat and gloves and was still chilly! We had a great turnout - Tiffany sold a ton of stuff in her sale and all of my pastries were sold by noon! The lemon bars sold out first, followed by the rhubarb cake. I actually had people coming back to ask if they could buy the recipes. Max sold all of the cake pops and sold about as much candy as he consumed. He was kind of hysterical, explaining just how a cake pop was made to every person who came to the sale whether they were interested or not!

The new wool felt hair clips are beautiful - I am really happy with them and think they are unique and they make me happy -especially the grey and gold with silver accents. Sophie has already pointed out which ones she would like to add to her personal collection. I need to get them up on Etsy with some descent photography, but as usual, there never seems to be enough time. They did not sell really well at the yard sale - not the right venue for them, I think.

The scrabble tile necklaces also sold really well. The Breast Cancer ribbons and the Twilight versions were the best sellers with Keep Calm and Carry On selling well too. A lot of people bought them for teachers and friends and I actually had several people ask for my card - I have no cards, so I just jotted down my email on a napkin. We'll see if I get any orders. Thank you Tiffany for the use of your garage and for keeping me company in the freezing cold. It is strange to type that as it is 90+ degrees today, but our weather has been a bit flighty lately!


  1. Cute hair clips! I've been making a few to see if I can sell them on Etsy, but I hand cut out everything - and it takes forever!!! What do you use to cut your felt? What is your Etsy shop's address?

  2. Mmm, I want to eat some of those cupcakes! What kind are they?
    Looks like a ton of hard work!

  3. I cut the felt with sizzix dies or by hand. I have been collecting wool sweaters to make my own as well. The cupcakes are both Barefoot Contessa recipes - coconut and chocolate with peanut butter icing.

  4. I love Barefoot Contessa! I get a lot of use out of her cookbook you gave me a while ago.

  5. What is your secret for always having your camera with you and catching such fun impromptu moments, along with the beautifully composed not-so-impromptu ones... ???

  6. I use an inexpensive point and shoot and just keep it in my purse whenever I leave the house!