Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Saturday we worked. We weeded, we hauled dirt, we planted, we weeded some more, we cleaned bathrooms. We got very dirty - and then we went shopping. I was in a rather foul mood as my kids had just driven me INSANE in Home Depot. They were not whining or crying, but tickling, shrieking, running into people, splashing in puddles and in general, being loud when I wanted them to be silent. Headache. I did manage to get $10.00 worth of free rosemary plants at Home Depot though.

Skip ahead an hour, we are in in Menards (hardware store). The kids had tucked themselves into a shelf where Sophie and Calvin are hiding and Max is . . . reading (shock!). All of the sudden there is a shriek and Sophie yells "Calvin's bleeding!" Mother of many that I am, I do not bat an eyelash, as some kid is bleeding every day now that it is summer. However, Calvin has gashed his knee and is dripping blood everywhere!!

He runs from his Dad, trailing blood through the store until I catch him and bring him to the service desk where he proceeds to bleed all over the desk. If you remember the part about the dirt above, you'll know that I had to ask for a water bottle and a roll of paper towels just to clean off all of the dirt and blood to find the actual cut. We improvised with gauze and tape when really he needed a stitch or at last some of that great glue stuff. I figure he is a boy and a scar on the knee is manly - right? We declined filling out the accident report at Menards (they were somewhat panicked) and instead headed to Sam's Club, carrying Calvin. Stick a fork in me, I was done.


  1. I am laughing that my life sounds very much the same...and am sad for your boy who gashed his knee. My son gashed his knee a few years ago and now has one of those manly scares that probably should have had a stitch or two...

  2. scare on the knee - very manly indeed. even with stitches you get a scare - it's just that those scars are in a straight line.

  3. You mean they don't become adorable and obedient after the terrible twos? You must be talking about someone else's kids, yours are angels :)