Friday, May 29, 2009

Views from my window

The warm weather has stayed - somewhat. Big changes are afoot in the cul-de-sac. Some little girl of mine is riding a 2 wheeler! After one productive session with her dad, Sophie now rides like a champ!

The next day, after more vigorous riding, the chain fell off her bike. Oh, the tears and devastation! Hopefully, Bryan can fix that this weekend!


  1. congrats to sophie!!!

    you can watch so you think you can dance live from your computer at the website:

    (just copy and paste it; i don't how to set links up in comment section.)

  2. Great job Sophia! You look like a pro on that big bike!
    Aunt Rachael

  3. No worries, the bike is back in order now, and Sophia did more riding like an old champion today!

  4. Sophie looks like a pro! And thank you April for that url - we don't have cable right now and I've been mourning missing SYTYCD!