Monday, May 4, 2009

Amish Friendship Bread

My friend Susan gave us a bag of Amish Friendship Bread starter last week. I have been given these before and have always dropped them into the trash, but this time Sophie wanted to make it, so I left her in charge. You know the drill right? Mush the bag, release the air - for 10 days. Sophie diligently took care of the mushing while I tried not to be grossed out by the bag of dingy brown gloop on my kitchen counter for over a week.

Here are my observations: This is not bread. This is cake. It's very easy for kids to make and pretty tasty (it should be with all of that sugar), but I can make a bundt cake in a hour, tops. We are now pawning off four bags of the starter on Sophie's unsuspecting friends!

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  1. I just heard about this from a friend in my ward. They eat it for dessert. But she said she had to start declining when people offer because you end up with so much and it eats up all your flour/sugar,etc. Looks yummy, I don't think I've ever tried it. But I'd probably just make a quick cake too.