Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Calvin's Leaving Us

Ever since Calvin spent the night at my friend Lori's house, he has asked repeatedly when he can go back - not for a play date, but to LIVE there! Lori has four boys. Her house is filled to the brim with boy stuff including - Mario Cart (it's a video game for the few of you out there who are as clueless as I am) which Calvin evidently lives for.

Lori's house also has DOGS!! It was bad before when she just had Vadar, a yellow lab who can be both friendly and the most vicious guard dog ever. But now, now they have Bean, the biggest, gentlest, calmest 148 pound mastiff I have ever met. Calvin loves her - even though she drools something fierce and sheds like crazy!

When Calvin is upset with me, and sometimes even when he is not, he tells me he is running away to live at Lori's house. Can't say that I blame him.


  1. OH, I have to have one! That's what Cooper is going to be replaced with, I just decided. I hope he likes cats.

  2. Holy moly giant dog! Sounds like a blast for Calvin.