Friday, May 1, 2009

Pinewood Letdown

Doesn't your heart just ache when something really upsets your child?

Max had a tough week. The Pinewood Derby was on Tuesday evening. Max and Bryan worked on his car Tuesday morning and then frantically tried to get it to the right weight before the race began. Alas, though the car looked really cool, it drove like crap and did not even pass over the finish line. Max was crushed. They gave his car another chance later on and it managed to crash the other two cars while still not going over the finish line. Devastation.

Poor Max. He left the gym embarrassed and in tears and my heart hurt for him. A special trip out for Mexican rice and quesadillas put a smile back on his face. Next year, we will put a lot more thought into that darn car.

Here are the cute cupcakes I made for the event. We left before it was over and had ours at home.

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