Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Voles Left Me Some Tulips

Actually, the voles do not seem to like the tulips - they prefer to munch on my now non-existent lilies. The rabbits have a thing for the tulips. So thank-you, little pesky rabbits, for leaving me some tulips to enjoy.

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  1. I think you cursed us with your mention of voles... Our moles have been having a field day in our gardens. I have no where near as many tulips this year as I did last year, and the sad thing is I planted more this past fall, so I should have had more!! John wants to know if you find a solution to your vole problem so that he can use it for our mole problem... I still say that having a dog will do it, since we haven't had as many problems with moles in the past few years until now that the neighbor moved in with dogs. Bummer. Anyway, your tulips are beautiful!