Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Living Large

Overall impressions of Chicago? Beautiful buildings, fabulous shopping, amazing food, freaking expensive! I could never live in Chicago - unless Bryan gets offered a job paying a cool million a year - then I might consider it.

This was our hotel. They do not let you park your own car. You must tip the car parker, the car retriever and the luggage carrier guy to and from your room (we tried to just grab a cart and do it ourselves, but were stopped by the helpful staff). There is a $50 charge per day to have your car at the hotel!!! On a side note, they had the best water in the lobby of the hotel - icy cold with floating lemons and oranges and shockingly it was free!

Here we are getting lost.
This is a "pastry" counter for DOGS. You heard me. In fact this entire section of the shop was nothing but fancy dog items!

Did I mention Chicago has marvelous window shopping? We went into Barney's and after browsing and looking at the prices, I found myself needing fresh air and a cleansing trip to TJMaxx.

This is the place that scared me the most on this trip. The American Girl Doll store. The place is enormous and full of little girls with their matching dolls. Do you see the girls below?? We do not know them, but I took their photo anyway.

Here are the dolls. They are adorable, and educational if you actually read the books about the periods they are from, but cost $85 - that's just for the doll and I'm pretty sure she comes naked at that price. The outfits range from $20-$85ish per outfit and then you can buy the matching outfit for your child for another $45-$150ish. The store is as big as a 4 story department store and includes a tea room ($14 per person), hair salon for dolls ($10-$20 per style), doll hospital and a theater! Really, if you are an 8 year old girl, the place is magical. I just can't afford it!

I think I'm going to look into getting Sophie the Target brand knock-off doll!

The hair salon
These are some wealthy Chicago chic mommies outside the store with their huge bags full of doll outfits!
I love Chicago, but I do not see myself be able to go very often!


  1. I love American Girls. I have the whole collection of books. And when I was little I got the magazine of all the dolls and would save my pennies to buy one. Needless to say, I never got one. Where were the Target cheap knock-offs when I was little?

  2. it helps when you have in-laws and parents who like to buy american girl stuff (although i'll admit that stepmom often buys cheaper outfits at craft fairs and my mother-in-law can make them.) i took grace for brunch earlier this year and the restaurant wasn't all that impressive. (she spent her own money on outfit; my parents bought the doll). my girls do love getting the magazines in the mail though.

  3. Sophie loves looking at the magazines and wants to put everything on her "wish-list!". I believe there is a lady near us who makes outfits - I am going to have to look her up!