Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crafty Kids

As a mother I am constantly feeling guilty that I do not do enough with my kids. Not enough teaching them, reading to them, playing games and doing crafty projects. When I visit someone's home or blog and see all the cute things they have made with their kids, the guilt goes into overdrive.

On Friday, the guilty-mommy feelings were high, so I pulled out some Halloween looking craft supplies and let Sophie, Calvin and Natalie have at it! The problem with any project and kids is, they make a mess. Every time.

Calvin LOVED the glue, but found it quite a challenge to squeeze!
It was much easier with a bit of help from Sophie.
Natalie's project - we had no end goal in mind
This is Calvin's very gluey project. I love how you can tell those are his fingers by his little mole. It has been there since birth.
Here's my other beef with crafty projects. What do you do with them all?! I feel like my fridge is in a constant state of molting. After a few days I slipped these into the garbage. Don't tell my kids.


  1. don't feel guilty, stace! you do plenty for your kids and i'm only up for the occasional crafty mess myself. i do love that lily is now at an age where her free library class always does a craft. i'm all for crafts away from home.

    wish me luck; i'm about to make your bittersweet chocolate cake!

  2. cake turned out well! very yummy. forgot to mention how much i hate when my kids find the crafts that i've thrown away in the garbage. you would think by now i would know to put on the bottom and cover it, but don't always get around to this.

  3. I'm so glad you tried the cake - it is a favorite around here, especially if I add some orange zest. I am trying not to think about it today as I vowed to stick to weight watchers for once!