Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Woods Half Marathon

So, our girl's trip to Chicago ended on Saturday morning at 3:00 am when we pulled into my driveway. Instead of spending the ENTIRE next day sleeping off the 100,000 calories I consumed, I got up at 6:30 am to get the kids ready to leave for Bryan's half marathon! Our friends Ken and Kelly came as well with their tow kids to run in the 10K race. Needless to say, I was tired and it was a bit chilly outside.

Here we are arriving at the race. We had to park about two miles away! See the steeple in the distance? That's the start! Who are all these people who get up early on a Saturday morning to RUN?!

Ken and Kelly before the race.
The start - I can see Bryan and Ken - look for blue shirts!

The kids and I had a lot of time to kill while the crazy people were off running, so we decided to go and play in the cemetery.
We held running races between the tombstones and Max decided he was in a band called "The Dead Bodies" and kept singing their latest hits into a stick. My favorite was a stirring rendition of "Jumping on Dead Bodies, Yeah."

We waited for a long time. Max brought Harry Potter Book 5, Sophie played with Evelyn and Calvin and Luke took off their shoes a lot.

... and rolled around on the wet grass.

Sophie kept wandering off to pet dogs and look for sticks.

Here they come - Ken and Kelly on the home stretch!

They decided to sprint it into the finish line - I think it was too close to call.

After they had some warm soup and food inside the church, we all sat around to wait some more!

Calvin got seriously bored.

Here he comes! Bryan on the home stretch! The entire course was supposed to be run on trails but because of the wacky weather, all of the trails were flooded so the race was run on dirt roads. Bryan's time was 2:15:39!
Way to go honey!
Um, I had a lot of time on my hands waiting with the kids, so I took some photos. Surprised?

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