Monday, October 22, 2007

Road Trip!

My dear friend Susan gave me the best birthday gift I have ever received - a ticket to the musical Wicked! I know, I know, all you jealous types, but she is MY friend and you cannot have her! So, this last week, we took a 2-day road trip to Chicago to see the show with Susan's oldest daughters Emily and Melanie and our friend, the other Emily. Another trip the weekend after my scrapbooking trip took some major planning/begging/promises of baked goods in order to pawn off all of my children to various friends while I was gone. In the end it all worked out - except for the minor glitch with the Thursday night babysitter who called when I was halfway to Chicago to let me know that she was vomiting and could not watch the kids that night. Ooops.
Chicago is a beautiful city and I am not sure why I have never spent time there before. I have driven through Chicago many times, but had never actually explored the city. Susan managed to score a great deal at a fancy hotel on the water just a few blocks from the magnificent mile by booking it the night before. More on the hotel later. . . the architecture of the city is amazing! I must have taken hundreds of photos of just the buildings!

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  1. i love chicago! i think it's a very beautiful city. new york city may be fun, but it doesn't compare in terms of beauty. glad you were able to enjoy it!