Sunday, October 28, 2007

Delightful Deals and Wish Lists

I was thinking about American girl dolls again today as the kids were updating their wish lists in early preparation for Christmas and birthdays. I love the wish list idea. Whenever the kids come in raving and begging for some item a friend has or something they saw in the store, I say "no, I will not buy it for you, but you can put it on your wish list!" Somehow, putting it on the wish list is almost as good as actually getting the gift!

This works for adults as well. I LOVE my wish list! When someone tells me about a great book or I read a review for a fabulous cookbook, it goes on the wish list. Even if I never buy it, it helps me remember to borrow it from the library or rent it from Net Flicks, and when I do, it comes off the wish list. Bryan used to be a huge challenge for me when it came time for Christmas, but now I just hop on his extensive book wish list and order a couple of books and he is blissfully happy!

As Sophie oooooed and aaahhhhed over online doll accessories, I decided to search for some cheaper means of clothing American Girl Dolls (mind you, I do not sew so that is not an option). LOOK at what I found on one of my favorite sites - Etsy!

I love the cute Christmas dress with matching apron for $15

Or look at these darling overalls with the matching horse for $22or this sweet school outfit for $14

Hmmm, good thing Sophie does not really read this blog. She may be getting the Target knock-off doll from Santa and maybe an outfit from Mom and Dad. shhhhhhh.

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  1. glad you worked it out; it is fun to surprise your kids. those outfits are great!

    lovin' the song!