Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Funny things kids say

Conversation with Sophie in the car today.

Sophie: "Mom, I finally decided to marry a boy named Jonathan in my class today."
Mom: "Hmmm. Why did you decided to marry Johnathan?"
Sophie: "Because he is so kind to everyone. I know he likes me because he hugs me a lot."
Mom: "He hugs you a lot?!"
Sophie: "Yes, but he leans away when I try to kiss him. I don't think he wants to kiss me. But, he will have to kiss me when we are married." (note to self - have conversation with Sophie about not trying to kiss boys until she is 18)
Mom: "Does Jonathan know that you want to marry him?"
Sophie: "Well, I told everyone at snack table today. But I have a problem. I can't decide on my flower girls."


  1. I thought his name was Jonathan...if you change it in the middle of the story i will get confused!

  2. Sorry - I fixed it. It is in fact Jonathan. I am going to check him out at the Harvest Party!