Tuesday, October 9, 2007


My little son Maxwell is not so little any more. I still somehow cannot fathom that I have a seven year old child! He is growing up far too quickly and in many ways I am not keeping up.

Last night he mentioned that he thought he might want to read the Harry Potter books. I did not really take him seriously, but we talked about it for a minute and then moved on to another topic. I always thought he was too young still and I assumed I would read them to him as the subject matter can get a bit scary.

At dinner I looked over at Max and asked him what book he was reading - "Harry Potter," he replied. What?! Max read the entire first book last night. You heard me. I went upstairs at 10:30 and found him still reading by the light of the bathroom. He loved it, devoured it, did a little dance this morning complete with an "I love Harry Potter" song.

When did Max become old enough to be reading Harry Potter?!

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  1. Oh my gosh, he read the whole thing in one night? And he still got up and went to school the next day? That's unbelievable.