Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fright Night

So, here's the round-up. On Friday night a darling family in our ward though a Halloween Party at the church for all of the kids in the ward. They told all of the parents to drop off their kids and head out on a date. Not wanting to hurt their feelings, we did just that!
I brought over the kids, met Bryan at the church a bit later and we were off with Ken and Kelly to go to Jasmine Deli in Minneapolis. If you live in the Twin Cities and do not frequent Jasmine Deli on a regular basis then I say to you REPENT!!
The deli is a little hole-in-the-wall, dirt cheap diamond in the rough. The Vietnamese food is delicious and you MUST try the noodle salads and the spring rolls . . . and the noodle soups . . . and the basil rolls - ok, everything is excellent and did I mention cheap? There is nothing on the menu that is more than $7.00!
Here are some of the kids before we abandoned them for good food and adult conversation.

Evelyn, the cutest ladybug

Sophie was the Wicked Which of the West. She just finished reading The Wizard of Oz and loved the book. She danced a lot and tried to look wicked.

Here is poor, poor Max. Max's mommy found this awesome fisherman costume at a garage sale for $1.00. Waders, vest, hat with lures AND a fish shaped treat bag? I'd say that's pretty cool! Max thought differently after he saw Gragory's edgy half-bat-half-dragon costume. Then he just felt like a pansy.

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