Monday, July 20, 2009

Evidence and a mean bee

It's blurry, but there it is - evidence of our little guests. I keep the camera in the living room so I can try and capture the hummingbirds on film. Those little suckers are fast!

In other news, Calvin was playing under the deck last night. I asked Bryan what he was doing and he said her was playing with the bees. As a Mother, the thought ran through my mind "this is not going to end well." Evidently, he was helping them build a new home and there were "sixty-ninety nine" bees under there. Minutes later, there was a scream from Calvin and shockingly, he had been stung on his finger. Oh, the tears and the sobs!!! Most of all, there were hurt feelings. "Mom, I thought the bees liiiiiiiked meeeee! But they diiiidnnnn't!" "Some of the bees played with me, but one bee did not liiiiiiike meeeeeeee!" There is always one, isn't there.


  1. Lol! Great story. Can't wait to see Calvin in a month!

  2. i used to hang out by bees and thought they liked me too!!! i don't remember being stung; granted there weren't 69 of them either!

    hope calvin is feeling better.

  3. "sixty-ninety nine"


  4. How old is Calvin? At Rachael and Isaac's wedding he was so little.
    That was a cute story. I hope he is feeling better.