Thursday, July 16, 2009

You Should Know

Minnesota is experiencing unseasonably cold weather. It is windy and it feels like the first frosty breezes of fall are upon us . . . in the middle of July. We have been to the beach one time this summer - when Heather was still in town. It was hot back then. In fact, my feet are so cold right now that I may go put on woolly socks when I finish typing.

We have a beautiful local beach and in the afternoons it is filled with tween/teens. One time I was there, I counted 61 girls and not one of them was wearing a one-piece suit. Here are my thoughts:
  • I never looked like that in middle school or high school - is it the hormones we've been drinking in our milk causing early development? Is this generation just genetically blessed or are the normal looking girls at home reading books? Not one single girl at the beach was reading a book.
  • The bikinis below are very tame examples of the majority seen at our local beach. Do mom's go shopping with their tweens for their string bikinis?
  • Do all teens have texty phone gadgets and must they be using them at all times? Who pays for these gadgets?
  • Why is the "show three inches of underwear above my shorts" still a popular look for guys? Why would you wear underwear under a swimsuit?
  • Very few of the guys I knew in middle/high school looked really good in a swim suit - that I can remember. Was this because I hung with the drama/band crowd? Did my Mom thank God every day that I hung out with the drama/band crowd?


  1. A few thoughts on your thoughts:
    1. Yeah, those kids are definitely not the drama crowd : )
    2. Those are board shorts and as such sit very low on the waist. Those boys are doing you a favor by wearing the man panties under them. I require it of my boys if they are going to be wearing board shorts, which is about all they want (and about all I see on the rack.)
    3. I don't see many one-piece suits in teen sizes anymore, so beware when Sophie comes of age. You have to be privy to the businesses that have started up that carry long tankinis and one-pieces (Modbe... and can't remember the names of others right now, but a few "Mormon" businesses.) you can't hardly find them off the rack unless you want a Speedo/triathlete-looking suit.

  2. ps, your boobs were bigger than both of theirs in high school, you liar!!!

  3. Loved this post and your comments! You are so funny and I absolutely my girls get older I get more scared about the lack of modest clothing available.

    Thanks for the hot chocolate idea...we will be having it for breakfast tomorrow morning. Can't believe this weather!

  4. Mom