Monday, July 13, 2009

It's the 4th!! Well, it was.

The 4th dawned drizzly and with a suspicious looking sky. It lightly rained on and all all morning while we were at the parade and whenever the rain would stop, it was 80% and HUMID. The kids kept alternating between umbrellas, raincoats and stripping bare (just kidding, no one actually got naked - at least not during the parade). We met up with Heather's Mother and Father in Law as well as her nephew and niece who live in Southern Minnesota.

This year was very exciting, because Miss Sophie-Loo was riding a float (for her dance studio) in the parade!! Mom only had to run about 4 blocks with her to get to the actual float, and then across a wet football field back to the car to where Heather and the other kids waited. Note my patriotic shoes ($1.00 Yard Sale). My shoes were not made for running. Blister.

The kids always love the parade - they throw candy. Need I say more?

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  1. love sophie's dress & that clip. i love my clips by the way. i'll have to buy more sometime. we need one for every outfit too!!