Thursday, July 9, 2009


Thought and rantings:
Kayla - Best female dancer of the group by far. She has nailed every single number she has been given. I don't think she has a ton of support because the judges fawn over her and she made the mistake of telling teenage girls all over America that she would be modeling if she were not dancing.
Kupono - Sick. of. him. Your clothing designs - t-shirts worn as necklaces do not amuse me. He was brilliant yesterday in the contemporary, but fell short yet again on the Broadway. He is too effeminate to pull off any of the ballroom and is not strong enough to do any of the hard lifts. His solo last week was terrible. Does anyone else think he was handed "Addiction" as a life line?
Jeanette - Second best female dancer and the one I most connect with this season. She too has been amazing in every single dance - very, very impressive! I am sad to see her and Brandon take on new partners. Loved both of their routines this week and still go back and watch their disco!
Brandon - Best male dancer by far. Has been outstanding in every genre and has yet to get his own - contemporary. So strong, which the choreographers must love as they keep throwing impossible lifts at him and he pulls them them off every time.
Evan - I'm starting to lose my Evan love. He is still adorable and a beautiful dancer, but he cannot pull off the strength of movement needed in ballroom or hip-hop.
Randi - Same with Randi. Love her, but COME ON GIRLFRIEND?! What is up with all of the blushing, hesitation and nervousness to do anything remotely sexy? Did you NOT WATCH the other four seasons?! Suck it up, commit and dance!
Caitlin - So, I loved Caitlin in the auditions, but I do not think she has been every memorable on the show. Maybe she has just had really bad routines (with the exception of the Bollywood), but some of it is just bad dancing - hello Paso Doble, and hip hop I'm looking at you! I do feel bad for the poor girl. He Paso Doble costume was awful and it was topped by the black spandex aluminum foil monstrosity from last week. She has wonderful solos and looks very light on the dance floor.
Jason - Why do I keep forgetting Jason? He looks great without a shirt. His solos are great. I liked their lyrical jazz, but did not buy them.
Melissa - I like Melissa and think she has had some great performances. Her body is a rock and I love her cute little dimples and red hair! Why was she handed the ballet last week? It felt a bit like the pas de deux with Katee and Will. Speaking of ballet, the guest performance last week was stunning!
Ade - Ade really impressed me in the waltz - those turns! Their disco was sluggish compared with the previous one this season. The lifts were very impressive though.
Phillip - The Russian Dance was like a dull Hansel and Gretel middle school musical. I do not buy Philip in anything but his own style. Of course he rocks as a popper.
Jeanine - I just do not connect with her at all - maybe because she acts so young? She looks heavy in every attempt at ballroom.

My favorite couple. Excellent.

Fun, Fun, Fun and extremely well danced. Finally, Wade. Finally.

So Powerful, So Beautiful. It's called "Addiction".


  1. SPOILER (if you haven't watched who was eliminated yet)

    ditto to everything except i have a lot more caitlin love - i just think her solos have been amazing. (last night was her weakest though, and i think she gave up.) mia sooo saved kupono's hide by being on the panel last week and my guess is she purposely chose to choreograph him this week. really, mia loves kupono and hated brandon (at first). while i love her choreography, glad she doesn't always choose who moves on. have to say the judges redeemed themselves a little from saving kupono last week by sending phillip home.

  2. i just rewatched addiciton. while i absolutely adore that piece, really what does kupono have to do other than act? he does well, but she's the one doing all the amazing dancing!!

  3. You're right. Re-watching addiction, Kupono does not do much besides looking creepy - which he does well. Kayla makes the piece amazing.

  4. How do you have time to watch tv with all the other stuff you do?

  5. We actually spend a lot of time at home. The kids are not in any camps or sports right now which gives us a lot of free time.
    We don't actually have any TV stations. We have one 10 year old TV in the house that we use for videos and DVDs. I watch the SYTYCD clips on You Tube in the evenings and sometimes Bryan and I rent a TV series from Netflicks.