Monday, July 13, 2009

Dance, Dance Baby!

The 4th was kind of a riot. I had a bruised and now blistered foot and had been limping for several days. Bryan ran a hilly 50K that morning and could barely walk or form coherent sentences by the evening. And Heather? Well Heather had her foot run over by a ride operator at the 4th of July Carnival which resulted in breaking her toe! She spent an hour or so in the First Aid tent with ice on her elevated foot while the kids ate snow cones. Then, they loaded her in a go-cart and drover her to the minivan because she could not walk! Nice visit to Minnesota huh?

On our way to take Sophie to her afternoon dance performance on the afternoon of 4th of July, the skies opened and dumped water everywhere. Considering I had a BBQ planned for about 25 people an hour after her performance and had already set up outside, I was not pleased with the downpour. They danced at the band shell outside the Community Center which had to be squeegeed furiously before the dancers started. We sat in the on again, off again rain and cheered the somewhat soggy dancers.


  1. She is such a talented, darling dancer!

  2. not sure on the song choice, but love the costume and that it's tap. as for sophie, she did a great a job; you could tell she was trying to move with the others (which is what she is supposed to do) and i love when they all jump off the stool - they timed that well! it was awesome.

  3. that dancing was so adorable that i completely forgot about the horridness of the beginning of the post. that is quite a murphy's law combustion of events. hope heather's toe is better and that your party went ok (indoors?) - however, any party that has food you cooked in it simply cannot fail!. it certainly sounds like a fourth to be remembered!