Sunday, July 5, 2009

Get your butt to the Caponi Art Park

If you have kids and live here in the Twin Cities area, you need to get your tush over to the Caponi Art Park on Tuesday mornings. I have been driving past this place for YEARS and have never stopped and shame on me!

My sister Heather is in town this week and the two of us loaded six kids in the car and drove over on Tuesday morning for the Middle Eastern dance presentation. One, it is free (there is a $2 suggested donation). Two, the setting is gorgeous - acres of beautiful green hills and tall, tall trees and paths to follow and cool sculptures to find around ever corner. Three, the kids programs are wonderful! The strikingly beautiful woman performing on Tuesday had all of the kids up and dancing in a huge circle. After the program finished, we took a long walk, following some of the trails on the property - really, really lovely place. Go, go now.


  1. I am getting in my car and going now...I have never been either. It looks wonderful.

  2. Thank you for spreading such kind words!