Thursday, April 2, 2009

Views from my window - April 1st

This was the beautiful warm view from my window this morning.

Were you fooled? Actually, THIS was the view from my window this morning.

I guess the joke's on us, huh?


  1. ya, Stacey Preator posted a pic yesterday of what it looks like there. I remember it all too well. Our last year living there it snowed on my birthday and my birthday is April 15th. I cried! Also, having to do Easter egg hunts indoors is just so sad to me. I've never seen that until living there. Hope things turn around for you there soon.

  2. Yes, I was momentarily whisked away into packing mode - suntan lotion, check, flip flops, check... until reality hit and I realized the list I was really working on - the hosptial bag. Thanks for the 5 second vacation :)