Tuesday, April 21, 2009

After Easter Craft

Thank you to Lori for this idea. The week after Easter, we made piles of egg-salad sandwiches. Somehow we forgot to make deviled eggs on Easter Day. Oops. As I peeled the eggs, I saved the shells in a muffin tin, separated by color. I set them outside to dry in the sun and promptly forgot about them.

The wind blew the muffin tin off the deck, but I made Max go pick up all of the shells from the grass because we needed those shells to craft! Glue + eggs shells = art!


  1. Very creative! I bet Max didn't appreciate having to pick up all the eggs shells! But the art projects turned out great!

  2. I saved my egg shells to do this too. I need to get on that. I love what they created!

  3. I would've never thought of doing that! How creative!